Saccharine Pudding or mostly known as Rin is one of the main characters of Candy Powder Cafe. She is a Fey Academy student along with her friend Capi Machato.

Appearance Edit

Rin is a short girl with wide blue eyes and blue shoulder-length hair which is tied into a twin-tail by a green scrunchie. She wears a red cotton shirt over a blue jumper-like dress with yellow buttons and pockets. She also wears yellow bangles on each arm. Her socks only reaches her ankles and she wears green rubber shoes.

Personality Edit

Rin is an energetic although clumsy girl. She often hangs out with her bestfriend. Capi. She is most of the time airheaded and often mix-up words (like how she confused "generic" for "generous"). But despite that, she often reference anime shows and seems to have a wide array of knowledge about it.

Story Edit

Rin is a young girl who stays at home with her parents and is often left alone home. She loves watching anime and play video games during weekends. She idolizes Doropie Francesca and want to be a fashion model like her, she styles her hair the same way as her as well.

She and her neighbor Capi Machato grew up together and is the best of friends. They go to the same school together but Capi is a year higher than her.

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