Doropie Francesca is one of the main characters of Candy Powder Cafe. She is a famous fashion model and a witch practicing the Zauberin Magische Technique.

Appearance Edit

Doropie is a teenage girl with fair skin, brown eyes, black short hair and a robust chest. She is often seen in her self-made witch outfit which is primarily red in color with yellow linings. She also wears a red witch hat with a belt-like rim and a golden buckle.

Personality Edit

Doropie is a happy-go-lucky girl who loves her work as a fashion model, her boyfriend Kagemaru and her fans. She has quick temper and can easily get annoyed. She often speak in slang, much to the chagrin of Luna. She is also a bit mischeivious, reckless and a bit stubborn but knows how to get serious when needed.

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SPOILER WARNING: Plot details follow.

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