Bien Austria (born: October 14, 1996) is the creator and developer of Candy Powder Cafe and is the sole member of Biensoft Works.

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Bien Gado Austria was born on October 14, 1996 in Commonwealth, Quezon City, Philippines. He is the second and the only son among three siblings. Ever since a kid, he grew up with curiosity and fascination and started to make his own imaginative worlds at the age of 5 where he plays with assorted toys back in his grandmother's house or doddles on his father's cooking books and his sister's school workbooks.

By some time, he was dragged in video gaming when he got a bootleg Family Computer console named "Gunboy" and this shaped his thinking of making a video game. He plays the console while his father who was a TV repairman fixes a television he plays in while his mother supports him and finally beat a bootleg version of Contra Force.

During 2nd Grade, he started developing "paper video games" where he doodles on paper using a pencil with scenes akin to arcade games and controls it by erasing the lines and making sound effects (in a similar fashion as a Game and Warch). He then abandoned the paper and switched to chalkboards and whiteboards for a cleaner and faster erasure. He then started a trend in his class about making their own characters.

At high school, he became interested in writing which was a hobby that came from his older sister. He starts writing science fiction novels with slight absurd and exaggerated plotlines but it became more grounded to reality as time and knowledge pass by. He finished his first potential novel entitled "Heaven Only Knows" which is about a guardian angel helping her human companion through grief. He then made friends with a group of artistic people and started a small group they named "Manzenberger" after a weird sounding school name nearby and a rhyme with "hamburger" and within that group he started developing games, the first one he made was "Cross Force", a stickman fighting game based on the comic series they wrote.

During 3rd year high school, one of the members of Manzenberger passed away and caused much grief and impact on his life. He then ended the "Cross Force" comic on the third book and dedicated it to him but after years of practicing, the development of "Cross Force" fell into oblivion.

As the following years went by, Bien has wrote a lot of stories ranging from fantasy to action and wants to write all of it down for the world to see. Then upon stumbling upon Ren'py, he then selected it as a new outlet for him to share his writing and ideas.

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Candy Powder Cafe was a project first conceived as separate visual novels.

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